The Spruced Up Coven was busy this Fall whipping up the Charcoal Kitty soap (a witch must have a black cat!), a sweet candy corn infused butter and a gilded pumpkin cream bath bomb for this limited edition Halloween Set. The ultimate self care set for any warlock or witch.

The kitty soap is a moisturizing avocado & charcoal based soap scented with notes of cotton candy, jasmine & musk.

The Candy Corn Butter is scented with a soft, sweet vanilla base with caramel and buttery top notes. Made with infused Labrador Tea rice bran oil and unrefined coconut oil and shea butter.

The Gilded Pumpkin Bubble Bomb features a golden bomb that delivers a shimmery milk bath while the bubble cream is easily removed to be put in a sieve or crumbled under running water to create loads of creamy bubbles. Scented with a soft cinnamon and pumpkin scent. Topped with a cinnamon stick stem to sniff while you soak.