Scent your home with the sweet scent of vanilla buttercream and cake!

Spruced Up Labrador’s Wooden Wick candles are made with a luxury coco apricot cream wax and an untreated wooden wick. Coco apricot wax is a blend of apricot and coconut waxes (a sustainable, natural wax) that offers a clean burn and beautiful candle performance that is paired with a crackling wooden wick.

For the first burn it is advised to burn for 4 hours and no more than 5 hours to create a “memory burn” with your candle to allow it to perform at its best with each relighting. Allow to cool after initial burn for at least an hour and trim wick to 3/16 of an inch after each burn to reduce soot and extend burn time of your candle.

Each Spruced Up Labrador candle has a 50 hour burn time. Avoid burning in drafty areas, do not leave unattended or around children. Wooden wicks light the best with lighter or bbq lighter rather than a match. Enjoy!