There’s a place in Nain and just outside Wabush-Labrador City called Blueberry Hill. We’ve been lucky enough to visit both locations and the name of this soap is inspired by them. Abundant in wildcrafted blueberries, this soap offers an antioxidant rich lather and gentle exfoliation from blueberry seeds. Organic, fair trade shea butter creates light moisture, making it beneficial for all skin types. This soap smells just like ripe, sweet blueberries and has a ripe “blueberry” soap on top!

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, water (filtered Labrador snow), sodium cocoate*, sodium palmate**, glycerin (from saponification process), sodium shea butterate***, sodium ricineolate, yogurt, parfum (phthalate, paraben free), vaccinium angustifolium* (blueberry extract), vaccium corymbosom (blueberry seeds)*, mica, silk tussah*

*organic   **organic, sustainable  ***organic, fair trade