Bear Paw is such a warm, cinnamon and bread scent that will make you hungry for this delicious dessert!

For first use, allow the candle to burn for 3 hours, no more than 4 hours to reach a full melt pool. Doing this will ensure it burns well, without wax tunneling with consecutive burns. Trim wick to 1/4 inch by pinching off blackened wick with nail clippers or wick trimmers. If the flame seems too large, blow out, trim wick, and relight.

Never leave your burning candle unattended, and always light on a heat-proof surface. Keep out of reach of flammable objects, pets, children or anything that may catch on fire. Do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time and stop burning when 1/2″ of wax remains at the bottom. When the wax is cooled, scoop out, clean with hot soapy water or rubbing alcohol, and use as the nicest storage container!