Luxurious coco apricot creme wax is paired with a crackling wooden wick to bring you this unique candle. Bear Paws are fried bread sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and are featured at events here in Labrador! They conjure up fond memories for many and the scent of this candle smells just like this favourite dessert. Ready for gift giving, this 12oz candle will last for 50+ hours.

To burn: trim wick to 1/8 of an inch, light and allow to burn until melted wax reaches the edge of the jar. This creates a “burn memory” for optimal burn and candle performance. Trim wick with nail clippers or a wick trimmer with each additional lighting to remove charred bits and prevent smoking. Never burn your candle to the bottom of your jar (as tempted as you are to get every bit of gorgeous scent!) leave half an inch of unburned wax. Allowing it to burn to the bottom could cause container breakage and the wick to fall out leading to potential fire hazards.

Candles come with candle care cards and safety caution stickers. Your safety and optimal candle performance and enjoyment are our top priority!