Hair Care

Spruced Up hair products are completely free of plastic packaging!

Our products are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate often found in mass produced products

One bar of our shampoo or conditioner will last at least a plastic bottle or more if stored correctly

Our hair care products are pH balanced and suitable for all hair types, including coloured hair

Spruced Up hair care is infused with locally sourced Labrador Tea

Luxury oils and butters are used instead of inexpensive petroleum oils

A little goes a long way, not much is needed to cleanse and condition hair

Each bar and puck is molded and cut by hand

Spruced Up hair care is pH balanced to ensure the cuticle of the hair remains sealed to prevent dryness and hair breakage

Bamboo silicone is added to our conditioner bars to tame frizz!

These recipes took Heather a year of trial and error to perfect to her liking

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