Spruced Up Labrador’s new hand sanitizer is a no-rinse, fragrance free formula made with 80% USP grade ethyl alcohol. Alcohol penetrates the skin quickly to kill certain types of bacteria and microbes that cause disease transmission by hands. When used in combination with other hygienic measures such as hand washing, alcohol based hand sanitizers can help prevent you and others from getting sick.

Designed to purify and disinfect hands effectively when soap and water is unavailable. Formulated using the recommendations by the World Health Organization, FDA and is approved for legal sale in Canada during the covid-19 pandemic by Health Canada.

Key ingredients:

Ethyl alcohol – a strong skin disinfectant know for antimicrobial properties

Glycerin – a humectant that helps skin replenish natural hydration levels

Hydrogen peroxide – Topical antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient

Aloe extract – skin conditioner to help maintain moisture levels and to decrease irritation

Packaged in a blue glass, reusable spray bottle