Spruced Up Labrador Bath & Body
is a small, home based business that specializes in high quality plant based handmade soaps and skincare. We periodically sell at local craft events, but our website will be our main way of getting products to you. In the near future, we will be supplying our products to craft stores and other venues for purchasing convenience.

We started this journey due to family skin sensitivities and through research that showed that mass produced skincare often contains chemicals that can potentially be harmful.

Growing up in Labrador, we have a variety of pure, local botanicals at our fingertips which we infuse into many of our products. It’s a celebration of old to new as elders and family members are consulted in the beneficial properties of plants to use and we then heighten these properties with organic oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and other wonderful ingredients.

We strive for transparency and customer education so that people can make their own informed choices about what they use on their skin. We don’t make medical claims with our soap and skincare and also don’t use scare tactics to sway people into buying our products. We just hope that once you try our products, you see the amount of time, love and research put into every one.

Thank you for visiting our website,

Heather & JJ

Here I am at a craft show getting ready for some serious sales!

My lab!

This is my creative space where I can quietly work away. Spruced Up is a home based small business, it’s not a warehouse, no hustle and bustle (except before a big sale, thank you family members for your help!)

Infusing rice bran oil with our wildcrafted Labrador Tea. Rice bran oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that repair and protect skin. It is one of the most hypoallergenic oils and is a staple ingredient in our body butters.

Blending essential oils of bergamot, cedarwood and patchouli for our beer soap one of my favourite essential oil blends #handmadesoap

Our gifts of the magi soap contains gold mica, frankincense tears and essential oil and myrrh gum powder. The essential oil blend smells both earthy and exotic. This bar is completely black due to activated charcoal making it beautifully detoxifying. This is a very special limited edition soap!