February 2019 –  
In our Spruced Up Valentine’s Day Gift Set you’ll find a little package of light pink dusty wonderfulness that’s a blend of French pink clay, kaolin clay, coconut milk, aloe vera strawberry fruit extract and finely ground oats. To keep ingredients as pure as possible, they’re left in their un-hydrated form so that you can choose what to mix it with. But before I go into details on how to do that, what is the purpose of clay aside from making nice bowls and vases? Here we’ll talk about cosmetic clays because I have no idea how to work with ceramic clays (although that is a hobby I’d love to pick up!) Click images below for full size.

There are 3 types of clays, montmorillonite (absorptive, highly swelling), illite (absorptive, slightly swelling) and kaolinite (non swelling, absorptive). The more absorptive and swelling a clay is, the more detoxifying and drying it can be. The type of clay you’d want to apply depends on your skin type and the purpose, however the more gentler of the absorbing and sucking clays would be ones you could use more than once per week in a mask form like provided in the Spruced Up gift set.

Lets break down ingredients shall we?

Kaolin – kaolinite clay removes impurities without stripping skin of natural oils. The mildest of clays that holds impurities on the surface until washed away.

French Red Clay – Very rich in minerals and excellent at drawing impurities, only small amount has been added due to moisture absorbing ability

Coconut Milk Powder – Does not clog pores, gently exfoliating and has high levels of vitamin C to maintain skin elasticity

Aloe Vera 200x Powder – Potent moisturizer, full of vitamins, minerals and soothes skin

Strawberry Extract – Smoothes the surface of the skin, gently exfoliating and moisturizing

Colloidal Oats – Incredibly soothing, hooray for good ol’ oatmeal.

So as you can see, I wanted to create a blend that not only gently pulled impurities, but it also helps maintain skins moisture levels while doing so. With the sensitive person in mind, no additional fragrance, preservatives etc. are required when ingredients are left dry.

To use this blend, you would remove 1 tsp from the bag and mix it with water, milk, coconut milk, honey or a hydrosol and apply to your face avoiding the eye area. A good practice to get into is to mix with non metallic bowls and spoons as some clays, specifically bentonite clay will react with the metal. A plastic spoon, popsicle stick, glass or plastic bowl will do the job well.

Allow to harden until almost dry. Drying completely may dry out the skin, not good when we’re in the middle of a dry winter as we are here in Labrador. Rinse, moisturize and admire your tightened pores and baby soft skin!

I could talk for days about clays but that’s everything in a nutshell. Who knew purified dirt could be such a great skin decongestant! Hope you all enjoy the upcoming Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with your family, friends or solo. Even though a “greeting card” holiday, it’s an excuse to give yourself some TLC.