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Welcome to Our Neck of the Woods


About Us

Spruced Up Labrador Bath & Body is a small, home based business that specializes in high quality plant based handmade soaps and skincare.

We started this journey due to family skin sensitivities and through research that showed that mass-produced skincare often contains chemicals that can potentially be harmful.

Growing up in Labrador, we have a variety of pure, local botanicals at our fingertips which we infuse into many of our products. It’s a celebration of old to new as elders and family members are consulted in the beneficial properties of plants to use and we then heighten these properties with organic oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and other wonderful ingredients.

We strive for transparency and customer education so that people can make their own informed choices about what they use on their skin. We don’t make medical claims with our soap and skincare and also don’t use scare tactics to sway people into buying our products. We just hope that once you try our products, you see the amount of time, love and research put into every one.


Naturally Infused  •  Simple Ingredients  •  Meticulously Formulated

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Many questions my customers ask and information that I believe is pertinent goes in my blog. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to see specific content. Click Here to see the blog page.

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